Mix: So May It Secretly Begin

Project: Studio

Activity: Drums for Intro (8 bars)

Time Spent: 109 mins


some tech difficulties today, first started with an annoying hum in my headset, I had moved a power strip into my rack bay cavity since I fear that it would get wet, we were getting tons of water coming from the back of our neighbor.

Secondly, can’t find a way of setting my locators start / end in Logic Pro X to the start / end of an arrangement section. Arrangment sections are a new feature in LPX which allow you to divide your tracks into music sections and thus then allowing one to move them and re-arrange

Added kick and snare accents to bars 7 and 8, btw, the project has a pickup bar so the intro actually starts on bar 2.
Overall, getting closer. When I superimpose my drum tracks on top of the original one can’t hear any overlapping flams etc

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