Monthly Archives: August 2005

Study — 8/30/2005

5:30 PM

  • Jammed to Parranda
  • Worked out progression for original tune:
    • Bm7–C#m7b5–F#7–Bm7 (4 bars)
    • does not work with original melody
    • So now I have a spin-off i.e. to song ideas

6:30 PM


  • Inserted progression above into BB
  • worked on melody ideas for it
  • also partly entered modified original idea2 to Finale, need to finish tomorrow, Finale Notepad does not scale , purchased Finale Guitar



Duration : 2 hrs

Review – Week ending: 8/21/2005

Total time: 15 h 10 min

Avg/Day: 2 hours +



  • Spend time on ear training
  • Jotted into Finale a couple of ideas
  • Got a better grip on making the delta notes on O Grande Amor
  • Picking was more fluid
  • Began re-incorporating right hand picking and strumming
  • Began adding some left hand
  • Added Jamming to tracks, fun but useful to pull out the ideas live


  • Probably still doodle my warmups too much
  • Zero recording
  • Need more chord work
  • Need more structured target study areas e.g. finish ADM’s lesson system.