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Goal: Mix: So May It Secretly Begin


Synth Swells and Fills for Intro

85 minutes


Strings start at bar 2 (bar 1 holds drum pickup) panned at center then pan to the right with the bass i.e. 2.1 , 2.2+ and 2.3 a crescendo from 2.3 to 2.3+ falling back down thru 2.4 Flute fill pans from -6 L to 6 R Second string fill starts crescendo at 4.2 roughly


Deconstructing Metheny

One of my long term goals which I think I have mentioned is to come up with my rendition of Pat Metheny’s So May It Secretly Begin. The attempt is to perform whatever parts I can i.e. guitar , bass, sometimes keyboards and sequence the rest. Drums will probably be scored in with perhaps fills and breaks recorded via my Roland Handsonic or keyboards.

The effort is not only a music learning experience but its also about a recording engineering experience.

Today I added what I figured out to be the chord swell over the cm7 intro vamp, I think I have the right voicing. I have not yet added the flute – ish trill . Also for fun I found myself just musing on the guitar over the vamp with my newly added cm7 swell and to that I dropped a line on the guitar. Its raw and frankly crappy but it was just a first rough take of something that popped out of my head.

This blog is for documenting my journey and about not taking myself too seriously and having fun.

Check it out:

swell with riff 2



Controlling your DAW from iPad



Here’s a pretty cool tool that I bumped into. Might just be the justification I need to buy an iPad , that and the fact that I want to do iOS / RubyMotion development targetting iPad.

Here’s a video showing how its used with Logic Pro. BTW, you can also not only use it with a number of DAWs but also virtual synths and just about anything midi. It does though come as a official Logic Pro control surface i..e it will just work.




Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 9

logic pro - new dayI recently started getting up to speed on Logic Pro. I’m no strangers to DAWs. I have Cubase on my Windows Desktop , have used CakeWalk, and Reaper and actually used Logic before it was purchased by Apple. Anyhow, I thought I get re-acquainted the best way I know how and so I downloaded the Logic Pro book to my kindle on my Mac Mini and dived into through chapter 1.

Chapter 1 takes one through a tour that touches on most of the day to day interfaces by building a song via loops, then putting a quick mix and finally bouncing to a stereo mix as a mp3 file.

Here are the goals for Lesson 1 i.e. as taken from the book:


  1. Browse, preview, and use loops
  2. Edit regions and create an arrangement
  3. Navigate and zoom in the
  4. Arrange area
  5. Use effect and software instrument plug-ins
  6. Mix down and export to MP3

Here’s that mix: