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Goal: Mix: So May It Secretly Begin


Drums for Intro (8 bars)

118 minutes


having difficulties matching the rim click sample to the original, trying various snare samples as well as working with EQ , pitch settings. Not sure how to control snare bleed into over head and room mics. I needed to boost up ride, cymbal levels which I can only do via the OH and room mics but this has now increased the presence of the rim clicks in the mix.

See ref #1 for bounce of bass and drum tracks superimposed upon the original audio. Both original audio and B&D are at an even volume level. I feel its now much closer. Next I need to work in the string and flutes swells.


  1. Bars 1 – 10 superimposed B&D.mp3

Goal: Brouwer – Learn Etude 1

Project: Classical Guitar

Activity: Polish entire piece

Time Spent: 15 mins


when do you know that a repertoire piece is ready for recording ? Well, for me is when I get to the point that I can play it with my eyes closed. When I find myself “observing” myself play the piece. When I find myself thinking about the emotions instead of the notes.

Of course, putting that up to the mirror is the key. So I now need to do that and put this down in Logic Pro.

Goal: La Catedral

Project: Classical Guitar

Activity: Learn 3rd Movement

Time Spent: 17 mins


picking speed is in the viscinity of John William’s performance. However, I still cramp up my hand and especially the left thumb because of the held barre chords. Think I need to do some independent “muscle” only work to build the stamina. All in all , I’m getting through the run faster and smoother.

Goal: JM Verdiales Grade 0

Project: Classical Guitar


Time Spent: 37 mins


This flamenco study focuses on thumb picking. I vary between picking solely using the thumb i.e. where the thumb moves freely to picking with the thumb as an extension of the wrist i,e, where I lock the thumb on to my first finger and move it as an extenion of the wrist. Both useful. The latter key in performing dowward slip picking and full swipes.

The free thumb comes into play when working on a second technicasl aspect of the study which occurs in measures 5 – 8. Here the thumb plays the same melody but the first finger (i) plays a pedal open E on the top string. Very typical flamenco.