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So may it secretly begin

still life talking

This is a great beautiful tune by Pat Metheny from one of my all time PM favorite albums.  My goal is to first learn the melody and then learn the solo. Secondly , I want to somehow clobber it into a Logic project i.e. come up with an adequate groove track, forget the piano solo , but put it all together into something that can make sense.

The best way for me to learn the head to a tune is to internalize it by trying to sing it back. Once I nail it by vocalizing it then I can proceed to the guitar.

Here’s my first crack at it, don’t have the full melody line down and frankly I think that some of the notes are beyond my range but perhaps for going into a falsetto.

Yates No. 3 in E minor

I need to find who the composer is. This is an arp study , its pretty. I have the first 4 bars recorded below , not smooth yet and I need to play it closer to the sound hole to bring a more fuller basier and legato sound.

Yates 03 in E minor

Here’s the entire study , its rough. I’m having still a hard time remembering the transitions, reading helps but it also robs the moment a bit. I put it out here not as a demo but to document where I’m at today so that I can compare later.

Sharing Giuliani No. 1

158px-Mauro_GiulianiWell in the spirit of trying to establish a habit of constant evaluation , of putting myself out there, etc. I now do the simple act of sharing something trivial i.e I’m sticking my toes in the water again. Also playing with a new DAW.

Here’s Mauro Giuliani right hand exercise #1 variations :

Giuliani no. 1

Giuliani no.1 var 2

The stock exercise are just block chords where the right hand plucks the entire chord every quater note with the thumb going down the chords lowest notes. In other words it exercises the thumb transitioning among the 5, 4 , 3 strings while the i, m fingers are stroking pedal tones.

Useful but not terribly exciting. So to spice things up I shift where the thumb plays on variation 1 that is where in time, basically thumb stroke on bass line followed by i, m rest stroke on pedal notes on top strings.

The second variation is just a dance between the two chords with the bass note leading.

A third variation based on a meter change will be here tomorrow.

Here it is:

Giulianni no.1 var 3