Guitar Tricks



So for the price of two New York City guitar lessons and a few Starbuck latte’s you can get a full year worth of study materials at various levels of experience and across a number of musical genre’s. What’s the quality of the instruction ? Don’t know yet but  there must be something good among the 5000 plus lessons. 50,000 users could not have been duped?

This all reminds me of Line 6′s Guitar Online where thru their hardware you could of downloaded all sorts of lessons but in particular backup tracks and tone banks for your Line 6 hardware. Indeed Line 6 is probably behind this since for one I got wind of this via an email from Line 6 , so you wonder.

My gut feeling is that Guitar Tricks can’t be one’s exclusive source of learning. The guy that teaches you rock/metal can’t be the same guy that teaches you Flamenco, or can he or she? Maybe. Will that individual be a better source than Juan Martin who only does Flamenco, has had Flamenco coursing through his veins since birth and comes from the motherland? I mean the guy is a Spaniard for god’s sake. I am going to pay more attention . Having said that Guitar Tricks may have some tricks I can add to my bag of tricks, yeah I know pretty corny.

Did I mention that it cost about two NYC guitar lessons and with some coffee to boot ?

Overall, I”m guessing my conclusion is that there will be valuable material to glean off and that it will be a source of perhaps not inspiration but certainly great variety to keep one’s practice fresh.

Overall I’m guessing I’m going to conclude that its indeed a good deal.

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