boxart.midisupertracksTalking about loops Band in the Box is probably fair to say loops on steroids. I’ll be interested to see how the Logic’s Chord track compares. I’m guessing BIAB will leave them in the dust but I might be wrong. PGMusic has been doing this for years and every year they add a ton of new features. One of the most interesting advents this year is the concept of Midi Supertracks which are basically live played but midi captured tracks. Computing power and midi technology have come along to the extent that one can with midi capture the slightest performance nuances. The advantage is that you have an output that you can tweak immensely and pair up with some increidible instrument samples. PGMusic’s blurb does a better job of describing them. Read and listen to a audio sample.


What are MIDI SuperTracks?

Instead of MIDI styles based on C7 chord patterns that get repeated over every chord, the MIDI SuperTracks are based on actual playing by studio musicians. When you play the MIDI SuperTracks with your favorite MIDI synth, or export as a MIDI file to your favorite DAW (GarageBand etc.) for further editing or changing plug-in sounds, you’ll hear great sounds using MIDI. These new MIDI SuperTracks are an excellent option for those looking for the editing and control capabilities of regular MIDI tracks, but with the added bonus of incredibly good MIDI sounds!

We’ve just released more MIDI SuperTracks. Now there are 50 additional MIDI SuperTracks including Piano (Classic, Traditional Jazz, Modern Jazz, Celtic, New Age), Strings (Pop, Jazz) and more.

MIDI SuperTracks Set 1 – Pop Piano and More includes 13 MIDI SuperTracks for Pop and Rock
MIDI SuperTracks Set 2 – All Jazz includes 24 MIDI SuperTracks for Jazz
MIDI SuperTracks Set 3 – Sweet Country Piano includes 9 MIDI SuperTracks for Country

This is a medium Bossa Nova style that combines RealDrums with MIDI SuperTracks. Both the bass & piano parts are MIDI SuperTracks, which means they are actual performances by real, live musicians, but the MIDI element gives you complete control over exactly what you’re hearing. For example, you can change the piano patch to electric piano, or you can edit individual notes on the bass part.

Check more of these here.

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