Taking Notes on Your Music

Growly NotesPart of keeping it together and on the road to accomplishing your music goals is organization. Staying organized saves time and really every second away from actively pushing for your music objectives is just time lost. In the past I have used different mechanism to keep my music “Notebooks” from personal wiki systems , to the very awesome OneNote on Windows and now on the Mac to Growly Notes.

So Growly Notes allows me to first thing in my practice session open my notebooks. From their I can go to the repertoire I’m working or whatever other objective I have. Once there I have collected ,for example in the case of repertoire, sheet music , audio and video files, and most usually I have a Transcribe file associated so that I can use that valuable tool. The objects in Growly Notes are actionable i.e. you can click on them which will open the associated appls. In the case of audio it will actually provide you with a transport bar for immediate playback. That’s the same for video files.

I can also keep mental notes there for me such as “bar 14 -16: tough transition needs more work” etc.

All of this saves you precious time and it very importantly keeps you focused.

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