Primera Solea

Juan MartinFlamenco is such a different vibe than that of Classical Guitar. The technique is especially different and its definitely a groove oriented style, after all Flamenco is the dance music of Spain and way before the likes of Paco de Lucia were branding fiery solos , it was primarily used to accompany dancers.

Having some experience with Classical Guitar is just not the same thing. I decided not to assume anything. Not to try to cherry pick Flamenco for what I may think I like at a particular moment of place in my development as a guitarist.

After some research and among a couple other sources I decided to work my way through Juan Martin’s Solo Flamencos and to do things as I’m told :)

The first solo in the series of 42 emphasizes the use of the thumb as chord strumming tool. I found that the only way I could get close to pulling off the sound was to hold my thumb very tightly and stiffly across my i  finger’s bent knuckle. Then to move my entire hand from the elbow down as one unit at a diagonal from the left to the right in the direction of the bridge and over the sound hole.

Here’s an my very rough crack at the first 12 bars which is exactly the first half of the solo:


An alternate mix , which sounds better?


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