2 thoughts on “Giuliani No. 2

  1. Charles Post author

    Mauro Giuliani’s right hand exercises are basically 2 – 4 bars long as far as I recall so for the Giuliani’s no they can’t :) They basically emphasize a particular right hand technique and most of them over the same changes and they are micro short.

    I am working on a couple Carcassi studies namely 1 and 7 which are 1:04 mins and 1:44 mins respectively but they are not quite memorized fully yet.

    The Yates piece in E minor is a bit longer, just put in a full albeit rough performance. So check that out.

    Also keep in mind that I’n documenting my practice and otherwise journey. However, that does give me the idea that recordings that are at “performance” level I should tag i.e. with “performance” for easier retrieval and perhaps we can dedicate a tab to that tag or do I have to make it a category ?

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