2009 Release of RealBand and Band in a Box

Both of these products can create great stub or placeholder tracks. Great tools for n brainstorming a new tune.

Here’s a blurb from their site including links to video and audio. Check it out:

Watch the Videos!

There are Video Demos here:
– BB 2009 Features video: (or download http://nn.pgmusic.com/pgfiles/video/RealTracksDec2009_1mbps.zip )

– RealTracks demo: (or download http://nn.pgmusic.com/pgfiles/jazzu/Tobin/temp/exp090401/BB2009_new_features_1mbps.zip )

Listen to the audio demos below!

Audio Demos for All 101 new RealTracks

(note: many of these demos are demoing the RealTracks instrument only, and have MIDI tracks as well to accompany them. We will be replacing those MIDI instruments with “Real-only” demos.)

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