Goal: Mix: So May It Secretly Begin


Synth Swells and Fills for Intro

103 minutes


Today I learned how to use a cymbal choke in Addictive Drums. Basically one enters a “choke” note at the spot where one wants the choke to take effect i.e.after the cymbal hit. Turns out I decided not to use it but I learned something new.

Added back string swell to coincide with bass note on 2.2+ as well as the flute fill in at the end of the bar. Nailing down the flute sound has been difficult with the Apple instruments , not tried yet with Kontact. Maybe something EQ will make it blend well enough.

Getting rim shot bleeding into OH/Eoom mics , Addictive Drums has controls for that. One needs to go to the kit piece editor and tone down the vol on the room and overhead mics. See #1.


  1. AD OH-Room part vol controls.png

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