Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 9

logic pro - new dayI recently started getting up to speed on Logic Pro. I’m no strangers to DAWs. I have Cubase on my Windows Desktop , have used CakeWalk, and Reaper and actually used Logic before it was purchased by Apple. Anyhow, I thought I get re-acquainted the best way I know how and so I downloaded the Logic Pro book to my kindle on my Mac Mini and dived into through chapter 1.

Chapter 1 takes one through a tour that touches on most of the day to day interfaces by building a song via loops, then putting a quick mix and finally bouncing to a stereo mix as a mp3 file.

Here are the goals for Lesson 1 i.e. as taken from the book:


  1. Browse, preview, and use loops
  2. Edit regions and create an arrangement
  3. Navigate and zoom in the
  4. Arrange area
  5. Use effect and software instrument plug-ins
  6. Mix down and export to MP3

Here’s that mix:

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