Recording with the Godin Nylon

godinmultnylonsaToday I decided to test recording with my Godin Nylon via the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2. The Godin Nylon has an output jack and thus I’m not recording via a mic but rather from what I recall to be piezo pickups on the Godin. The advantage of course is that all room noise is eliminated which is a constant hassle in the home studio. The track below also has applied some effects to warm it up a bit although not perfectly tweaked. The question is whether this is a viable approach.

I’ll leave it up to the user to make their own opinions.

2 thoughts on “Recording with the Godin Nylon

  1. Charles Post author

    Your attempt at humor has missed its mark.

    No I didn’t have the TV on in the room but it wouldn’t have mattered because I’m going thru directly i.e. no mics. BTW, I do have a noisy floor heater which comes thru along with room white noise in the other recordings where I used the Blue Snowball usb mic.
    I just now was able to listen to the master bounce to mp3 i.e. the link on the post and it sounds pretty damn good. I probably was too aggressive about filtering some of the highs but overall sounds very much like a warm natural classical guitar.

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