Creation vs. Apathy

The drive towards creation IMO is essentially the need to make something “better” than is currently available. That is, whatever you’re trying to do hasn’t been sufficiently distilled to your satisfaction by anyone (to your knowledge). Creation happens when there seems to be a “significant possibility” that objective can be achieved. Apathy happens in the opposite case…

The analysis of the need for the creation is the rogue element. Sometimes you can be driven to reassess whether something is necessary at all based on feedback or evidence. This is the cancer to a degree because you can be surrounded by people that consciously or unconsciously want to prevent you from achieving your objective. You may even be self-destructive. Refinement of the need for something needs to be realigned with the inspiration. Something was driving you and you need to respect that, even if it turns out that what you are trying to do has been done before. Maybe you can then build upon that.

This I suppose is the morally correct view of creation. There are some people that seem to be driven to steal the creations of others, which I’ll never quite understand.

One thought on “Creation vs. Apathy

  1. Charles

    I think it was Picasso that effectively said “great artist steal” and mediocre ones copy. Of course, he meant that great artist make it “their own” i.e. whatever inspiration they witnessed in others work they then shaped that into something that a unique manifestation of themselves and thus to some extent “new”. But I digress and share your sentiments.

    Regarding inspiration , I think an artist i.e. the individual that feels compelled to create needs to find the courage to follow the essence of the inspiration and let that take them to wherever it goes. Having said that I think that the “pragmatic” artist needs to be okay with “producing” along the way in the same way a painter may have many many canvases sitting around as snapshots of his path. Its too easy for the composer just to throw way and have nothing to reflect on or share.

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