Sometimes you need some space

from both work and art. We are again visiting one of our favorite spots out in the New England country. The place is called Race Brook lodge and its a beautiful rustic type of old New England farm setting. We caught the foliage a bit early but there is some and its all beautiful nonetheless. We actually go climbing up into the mountain where this lodge is nestled in. There’s a creek right on the property , following leads to about a 15 foot waterfall. Tanzi, our Rhodesian Ridgeback loves it.

When I get back well, there will be a lot of day gig stuff to catch up on. On the music front , Jon yesterday sent me back a Reaper project containing piano comp with some midi bass and drums to one of my original compositions we are collaborating on. We are also collaborating on his second album. In this case, my collaboration is in the form of doing some sound engineering. We’ll be doing some of those sessions soon after I come back. More later, which includes some video I recorded at the two sessions at Peter Karl’s Studios in NYC.

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